Innovative Truck Load & Delivery System

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Service delivery is what it is all about for both customers and the people that must serve them. Service delivery must be smart, efficient and on time. Road service deliveries are impacted, given all the surrounding issues such as accidents and traffic jams. Being an independent truck driver has its rewards but it is also rifled with costly challenges. Now, here is an innovative system that ensures that everyone benefits from the truck loads available at any given time.

The innovative truck load and delivery system can be described as follows. It is a specially drawn up load posting system that operates on behalf of trucking companies that utilize hopper bottom vehicles. Anyone can subscribe for the service as customers. The service is a yearly subscription and can be renewed. So, it is plain to see that this is a service that benefits commercial consumers who will have regular use for trucking work. Both customers and the truckers benefit from this online system.

A yearly subscription poses the following benefits or features for commercial customers and trucking companies. Subscribed members will post their loading dates on the website, indicating when their loads need to be collected and carried. The pickup address is given. So to, the destination details. To ensure that service delivery is on the spot, the exact date and time, pickup location details, and destination route must be given.

Commercial customers are also given information on what type of trucks are available to service them. They have online info on light to heavy trucks and can determine which category of truck will be required for their work. They can also let the trucking company know whether they need the truck to help them out with a full load or not.

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