Ladders For Comfort & Safety

Star quality aluminum ladders have sloped designs that are different from traditional ladders. These specially devised boat and dock ladders offer both comfort and safety for both human and canine traffic. Canine traffic did you say? Well, what other domesticated animal can you think of that would be willing to take a boat ride with you? At any rate, the designers, developers and manufacturers of these special ladders have taken that into account and their ladders are making it possible for even four-legged creatures to traverse from land to deck and from deck to water. Most other ladders, from pier ladders to swim platform ladders only allow access to and from the water in a vertical fashion.

Instead, you now have the dock ladder innovation that works in a stair step fashion. Conventional marine ladders only have depths of two to three inches. But these dock ladders can go as deep as eight inches. Unlike the others which only hurt the feet, these new ladders provide pedestrians with more comfort and, able to better focus, more safety. Passengers can even take a breather. The ladders’ rungs are so wide that folks can sit on them while in the water.

dock ladders

The story of comfort and safety does not end there. Quite encouragingly, the same designers and manufacturers of these new boat and dock ladders are also paving the way for clinical therapists and their patients. Patients in different stages of recuperation are being immersed in water as part of their therapy. It, of course, makes sense that these ladders are comfortable and safe for them to use. And the story of the innovatively therapeutic ladders continues, having become quite friendly for people with physical disabilities to use.

Dogs use them, but cats, of course, for obvious reasons, do not need them.

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