Used trucks cheaper but are they any good?

Well, that would depend on a number of things. Just how shot with holes your current budget is for one. How regularly you need to use your truck or full truck fleet, what kind of business you are carrying out and what these trucks are doing for your business are others.

And what kind of service you are receiving from the used truck salesman. It had better not be one of those stereotypical yard sales. Because then you can kiss your budget good-bye. Money down the drain because the truck is simply not in good working condition. And even if it was, it does not have long to go before its legs finally cave in.

But generally speaking, guys and their trucks, turned in as a trade-in deposit, used, re-used or brand new for the lucky ones who can afford these, have little or nothing to fear. Trucks in general are in better shape than your average hatch-back car or sedan. Their engines have been calibrated to be more powerful, given the high octane work trucks will be doing. Their bodywork is that good too. And its big business, through and through, for any used truck dealer.

He’s got a lot to offer lumberjacks who need used forestry trucks to lug their logs to town with. He’s got a lot of shared responsibilities with federal or state-mandated authorities tasked with the necessary custodial work of the nation’s forests. He’s certainly got to know a thing or two about the farming business. And what about the building construction business? Because if these trucks are not working as they should, what’s the use.

used forestry trucks

What is the use of going into business then? Gone and buried within a year? Just not worth the effort.

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